A Gruta

A Gruta
A Gruta
A Gruta
A Gruta
Porto Santo
Dive Type
Dive Site
What you will see
Rock Formations, Sandy bottom, Sea Life, Underwater Cavern
Average Depth: 18mts
Maximum Depth: 26mts
Water Temperature: 16ºC-24ºC
After dropping the anchor just off the Ilheu de Cima, you do an 8 min swim over rocks and boulders to reach the small cavern with a bottom of very fine sand. After carefully entering you can ascend a few metres into a short chimney. Often you meet a large black ray just outside the cavern.
Inside the cavern, shine your torch up to see bogues and sea bream, and once you have explored again, revisit the rocks outside to search for well-hidden lobsters and moray eels. Over the sand and rocky bottom a little further away, you will spot more sea bream, parrotfish and triggerfish—an exciting dive comprising a mix of environments.
--Spot description: Uwe Preuss
-- Photos by: Luis Gui, Pedro Bernardo