Dive Type
Dive Site
High Seas
What you will see
Sandy bottom, Sea Life, Wreck
Average Depth: 28mts
Maximum Depth: 32mts
Water Temperature: 16ºC-24ºC
Sand Dredger that sank on 25th March of 1996 while doing some routine manoeuvres. The boat broke in half and sank to a depth of 32mts.
Previously known as the Good King, in his dark past, she was known as the Bowbelle.
On 29 August 1989, the Bowbelle was also involved in a tragic accident on the River Thames in London, UK, as it crashed into the dance-club boat called the Marchioness. The sad result of the accident was 51 people dead. A year later, the boat was sold to a company in Madeira as a sand dredger and renamed to Good King, from the Portuguese "Bom Rei". During routine sand dredging operations, the boat broke in the middle and sank to a depth of 32 meters. The wreck is still in good condition and offers refuge to a varied range of fish and marine life. After only a short period of time, sea plants grew in abundance in the shipwreck and became a point for underwater photographers and video enthusiasts. Due to its relatively shallow location (of 22 meters), this shipwreck is the ideal place for the special diving course in wrecks.
There are many interesting things to explore and to see everything you need more than one dive. Spread around the ship are many parts that you'll try to identify. The excavator, which is situated on the deck, offers a house for several morays.
-- Photos by: Luis Gui and Rui Guerra