Caneiros de Fora

Caneiros de Fora
Dive Type
Dive Site
What you will see
Rock Formations, Sandy bottom, Sea Life
Average Depth: 15mts
Maximum Depth: 25mts
Water Temperature: 14ºC-20ºC
This spot is packed with marine life, with special emphasis on Seabass and Stilt.
"Caneiros" comes from the rocky fragments spaced by short distances. Between them there are sinuosities with a sandy bottom where the specimens of these species are safely roaming.
The kelp line on the rock formations and the diver can calmly glide over these places where we will observe the movement of the species.
Small stops are advisable in certain places in order to be able to wait for the approach of marine life.
The sea conditions should be acceptable to allow the entry and exit of the divers without difficulties, since it is an exposed zone.
-- Photo by Henrique Nascimento