Gruta dos Anços

Gruta dos Anços
Gruta dos Anços
Dive Type
Cave, TEK
Dive Site
Cave (spring water)
What you will see
Cave galleries, Hard restrictions, Restrictions, Rock Formations
Water Temperature: 12º-18º
The Anços River rises from the interior of the Sicó massif in a marginal area. It is a Vauclian spring, in the northern sector of the west western Meso-Cenozoic border.
With an estimated annual flow rate of 50 Mm3, this is one of the most important springs for the hydrological functioning of the Dogger limestones in this massif.
Although the spring is permanent, you can only dive there during the dry season. It is possible to cover 400mts of galleries and a difference of -63mts. In the rainy season, it is impossible to penetrate the system at the source due to the strong current and flow rate. (Luís, R. 2018)
-- Spot description by Rui Luis