Navio Varna

Navio Varna
Navio Varna
Navio Varna
Navio Varna
Navio Varna
Navio Varna
Dive Type
Dive Site
What you will see
Sea Life, Shoals of Fish, Wreck
Average Depth: 10mts
Maximum Depth: 10mts
Water Temperature: 13ºC-18ºC
This wreck was located recently (2019) by Instructor Zé Beto Miranda.
Bulgarian-flagged freighter, the MV Varna was launched in 1957, displaced 1935 tonnes, was 92.35 meters long and belonged to the Navigation Maritime Bulgare company.
Coming from Angers, it was sailing from south to Leixões in lousy weather. Due to the intense maritime unrest, the ship was dragged to the Cabedelo sandbank, where at 5.00 am on November 3, 1968, it ran aground.
The crew of 34 men was rescued and repatriated.
The ship was reported lost and left to the strength of the waves that eventually broke the wreck.
Nowadays it is possible to visit the central section of the ship, perched on a sandy bottom 10 meters deep. We can see the boiler, some brass and bronze pipes, part of the chimney, some compartments and sections of the hull. The bow and stern are missing to date.
When you dive Varna, be alert to find some characteristic marine life of this zone such as conger, octopus and pout.
Fantastic dive for OWD divers, but be aware of some plates and edges that present a severe cut hazard.
--Spot description by Luís Mota