Pedra do Leão

Pedra do Leão
Pedra do Leão
Pedra do Leão
Pedra do Leão
Pedra do Leão
Pedra do Leão
Pedra do Leão
Pedra do Leão
Dive Type
Dive Site
What you will see
Flora, Rock Formations, Sea Life
Average Depth: 8mts
Maximum Depth: 13mts
Water Temperature: 13ºC-20ºC
Back rolling off the boat into the water, it is pretty incredible to look back at the shore and see a
rock formation that resembles a lion and the yellow cliffs behind it, contrasting with blue sky and
blue water. So much beauty before even putting my head underwater. Descending down a
mooring line I get to the bottom and there is tall kelp slowly swaying back and forth, quite
mesmerizing until the scene is broken up with an octopus darting out of the base of kelp in front
of me. I follow the octopus which quickly moves to what must be it’s den due to the shells piled
up in front of it. The octopus climbs in and then looks back out at me.
Following the dive guide, I see a rock arch in front of us that is clouded with seabreams and
pouting fish. We swim forward and the fish part way, letting us swim through their school and the
arch. I decided right there that I want to do it again and turn around and swim back through, and
once more back again. Each time the fish parted way for me and then moved back to create
their cloud of fish in the rock opening. Continuing away from the arch we move through a narrow
passage and another diver points out small holes with lobster inside. Continuing around the
area, back into the forest of kelp, bright reddish-orange ballan wrasse contrast with the dark
green of the kelp.
After enjoying an underwater landscape, schools of fish, octopus, and lobster, we return to the
boat and as we depart the dive site, dolphins come to play on our bow.
-- Spot description by Brandi Mueller
-- Photos by Brandi Mueller, Claudio Dias, Miguel Miranda and Rui Guerra