Reis Magos

Reis Magos
Reis Magos
Reis Magos
Reis Magos
Dive Type
Dive Site
Shore Dive
What you will see
Flora, Rock Formations, Sandy bottom, Sea Life
Average Depth: 12mts
Maximum Depth: 16mts
Water Temperature: 16ºC-24ºC
This place is formed by a rocky wall that begins at 6mts deep and extends along the coast up to the 16mts deep where a zone of sand begins.
Here we can observe some typical species of Madeira such as Queenfish, Kingfish, Black Chestnuts, White Chestnuts, Starfish and Sea-urchins. The last ones are based on barnacles, and for this reason, the rocks seems whiter.
As we go down we observe different types of Morays, cleaning shrimps and giant anemones where clown shrimps hide.
In the sandy bottom we can find Octopuses, Mullets, Balloonfish and Lizardfish.
This spot is much sought after for night dives. At nightfall many other species appear such as Spider crabs, Flounders and thousands of bioluminescent myctoyd fish.
--Photos by Pedro Vasconcelos