Ruy Barbosa Wreck

Ruy Barbosa Wreck
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Dive Site
What you will see
Average Depth: 10mts
Maximum Depth: 12mts
Water Temperature: 13ºC-19ºC
This ship was a Brazilian packet-boat built-in 1913, 11.780 tons gross and 149m long, was owned by Lloyd Brasileiro Navigation Company and had a capacity for 650 persons.
On July 31st, 1934, around 5.00 pm, this ship was sailing to Leixões harbour when a dense fog made her turn course and ran aground 200m of the Marreco beach.
There were no casualties because the sea was flat.
"Ruy Barbosa", with a crew of 125, was homeward bound from Hamburg and Antwerp transporting almost 100 German Jews that got onboard heading to Brazil. These passengers were some of the first refugees to escape from Nazi Germany.
She had in her cargo hull around 2000 tons of goods, of which most were recovered.
The sea ended up with the ship, broken her apart and nowadays divers can find on the seafloor the ship's boilers, the anchor and some metal debris at a maximum depth of 12m.
Like all wrecks in this area, this site is full of marine life.
--Spot description by Luis Mota