Dive Type
Dive Site
Shore Dive
What you will see
Archeological artifacts, Sea Life, Wreck
Average Depth: 10mts
Maximum Depth: 10mts
Water Temperature: 13ºC-19ºC
British packet-boat, built in 1906, displaced 7.063 tons and was owned by Lamport & Holt Line.
She sailed from Liverpool, stopped in Vigo (Spain) and sunk near Boa Nova beach, at 5 am on the 16th January 1913, due to a strong storm. Onboard were 232 persons and her captain name was Charles Turner.
Several lifeguards rescue boats and tugs helped the rescue and managed to save 103 lives.
Firefighters from Matosinhos Leça Corporation joined the rescue, which last for 3 days and 2 nights, and 89 both passengers and crew were saved through a cable line. Among them was the ship's captain.
40 people lost their lives in this tragedy.
The sea ended up with the ship, broken her apart and nowadays divers can find on the seafloor some metal debris at a maximum depth of 10m.
Marine life is quite good and it's a good dive for beginners.
- - Spot description by Luis Mota