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Fantastic Liveaboard in the Azores Archipelago

  • From

    € 3.995,00 /diver
    € 2.990,00 /diver liveboard only

  • What's the plan?

    10 days; 8 days onboard, 3 days onshore, ~15 dives

  • Base location

    Santa Maria Island, other locations available

  • Diving area

    Azores Archipelago, including the most iconic offshore dives conditions permitting.

  • What else do you get?

    Airport - Hotel - Marina - Hotel - Airport transportation
    Eight days/ seven nights liveaboard, cabin for 2
    Four meals per day onboard, vegetarian and gluten-free diets upon request
    Three days/ two nights in a 4-star hotel, room for 2 with continental breakfast included
    Number of dives depending on the routes chosen by guests
    Tanks – AIR

  • All packages include local support during your stay

    - Minimum five divers/ passengers;
    - Routes and dive spots selection depends on weather and sea conditions;
    - Required AOWD/ Level 2 certification. OWD's are welcome but might not be allowed to dive all spots;
    - Guided dives.

The package

"Embark on an extraordinary liveaboard adventure in the Azores Archipelago. Explore the untouched beauty of the Azores' underwater world aboard our luxury liveaboard. Dive into crystal-clear waters, encounter diverse marine life, and witness the stunning volcanic landscapes. Our expert guides and comfortable onboard amenities ensure an unforgettable experience as you navigate through remote dive sites, discover hidden caves, and immerse yourself in the unique wonders of the Azores. Join us on a liveaboard journey that combines adventure, relaxation, and awe-inspiring diving in this remarkable destination."

Day 1

Santa Maria Island;
You will arrive at the Santa Maria Airport (SMA). and proceed to your 4-star hotel.

The island of Santa Maria, with its warm white sand beaches immediately invites you to relax after your flight. As you flew in, you might have noticed the vineyards that cover the slopes like an amphitheater and look like gigantic stairs.
You will have the pleasure of visiting some interesting sites like these on the island, but not today.

Day 2

Your dream comes true. Liveaboard first day;
At the Marina Vila do Porto you will embark on a fantastic catamaran where you'll spend the next seven days. It is going to be an unforgettable liveaboard experience, you will be sailing and diving in and around the Azores crystal waters.
But first, you need to know the basics of living and diving onboard, and for that you have an experienced crew who will explain everything you need to know and take good care of you.

She's a beautifully equipped Fountaine Pajot sailing catamaran, based on the model Helia 44; 13,30m/ 43.5ft length and 7,40m/ 24,3ft beam, displaces 10,8 tons. Capacity for 8 divers plus crew, accommodates guests in four cabins, each with a dedicated WC. One WC is shared with the crew. Silent and ecological sailing with solar power and wind generator.

Featuring a tailored diving experience, sailing close to the Azores islands in a fantastic catamaran; you’re guaranteed the most relaxed and unique diving and sailing vacation. With a maximum of eight guests onboard, your week will be unforgettable.
This package is an all-inclusive program; (e.g. accommodation, food, soft drinks, insurance) - no hidden costs.

Days 3 to 8

Let's go diving!
You will dive in the morning, you will dive in the afternoon, an absolute feast of diving awaits you. We expect you will jump into the water to dive 15 times; depending on weather and sea conditions. But one thing is for sure: you will dive a lot!

There are many dive spots waiting for you. And we will talk about where to dive while we sail. However we can guess that the following will feature in the list of chosen sites.

Recife Dollabarat
As soon as we anchor the boat, on the days of calmer sea, we can see the shallowest part of this only 5mts deep low. Shadows of marine life seem to "fly over" this low. We start the dive in the shallowest part at 5mts, and if we explore our surroundings, we see areas with depths of 8-10mts but that quickly fall to 20-30mts. It is an excellent place to observe abundant pelagic background life in the blue.

More about this fantastic dive spot here.

Ilheu das Formigas
As soon as we start to see a small lighthouse in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by small islets (translated from the Portuguese "Ants Islets") with only 11 meters of height and 165 meters of lenght, it means that we are arriving at the marine reserve of the Islet of the Ants.

Even before launching the anchor we can already see some schools of fish that abound in these crystal clear waters such as Bermuda Sea Chub, Grey Triggerfish and Amberjacks.
This location offers a wide variety of dive sites ranging from the "Olympia" shipwreck located on the south-western slope of the islands (between 30 and 50 meters deep), a small bay only 8 meters deep and about 50 meters south of the Lighthouse, or dips along the wall of the Ilheús (being the East side the most visited) and still several kilometres to the North of the Ilheús.

What all these places have in common is the possibility of encounters with large migratory pelagics such as the beautiful Skipjack Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Barracuda, Atlantic Bonito, Yellow Barracuda and the Rust.
Sometimes this scenario is completed by the presence of Sharks, such as the mythical Hammerhead Shark and the Galapagos Shark, or even by Manta Rays and possibly even the gigantic Manta (Manta birostris).
In addition to the large blue shoals, there is abundant wildlife in this area, especially large fish such as Wrasses, Groupers and Whiting, among the slopes and crevices.

More about this fantastic dive spot here.

Baixa do Ambrosio
This reef is one of the most sought-after spots, even though it is considered a deep dive. The reason for this is that the bottom is found at 50mts. Many opt to stay on the rope between 2 and 15mts, to observe the huge shoals of fish, devil rays, etc. For the more experienced divers the bottom also offers life in abundance. We can see great Stingrays, Red scorpion fish, shoals of Amberjacks and Bluefish. This place is also fantastic for snorkelling, although there may be moderate current.

More about this fantastic dive spot here.

The Azores Archipelago has much to offer underwater. You have dozens of different dives to choose from. If you want to start your planning, take a look at the other sites and dive spots here.

By now you have probably realised that diving in the Azores is going to be truly memorable. This is the reason why many divers consider the Azores to be one of the best diving destinations in the world. Book your liveaboard in the Azores now with Portugal Dive, and see for yourself.

It is a dream come true - the sea, the Atlantic Ocean like you have never seen it before, the diving, surprising you every time you jump into the water, the boat waiting for you, the living, the talks, the sharing. It is a dream come true, and it's perfect!

Day 9

Marina de Vila do Porto, Santa Maria;
We know you will not want this day to arrive.
It is your last day onboard this beautiful sailboat and dive base over the previous seven days. But you will leave with fantastic memories and the strongest wish to come back to the sea once again. Whenever you decide to do it, we will be here.

Today it's surface interval day and also the best time to explore the island of Santa Maria. We've prepared the perfect way for you to spend the time you have left. We will take you on a ride around the island. During the tour, there will be several stops so that you can enjoy the island's sights and landscapes, including a welcome stop for lunch at a local restaurant.

Day 10

Santa Maria;
Time to say goodbye. You will go to the Santa Maria Airport (SMA), and start thinking on your next dive trip to Portugal.

If you are wondering why you should book this specific trip when there are so many liveaboard options available around the world.

The Fantastic Portugal Dive Liveaboard in the Azores is undoubtedly one of the best liveaboard experiences in the world, offering an exceptional combination of world-class diving, unparalleled comfort, intimate group sizes, and an unbeatable mood. This extraordinary liveaboard is a dream come true for divers seeking a unique and memorable underwater adventure.

**Diving Excellence:**
The Azores archipelago is renowned for its breathtaking underwater landscapes, including crystal-clear waters, mesmerizing seascapes, and an abundance of marine life. The Fantastic Portugal Dive Liveaboard offers access to some of the most sought-after offshore dive spots in the Azores, ensuring that divers can explore diverse ecosystems, encounter a wide variety of marine species, and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the Atlantic Ocean's underwater world.

**Comfort Beyond Compare:**
One of the standout features of this liveaboard is the unparalleled comfort it provides to its guests. The cabins are elegantly designed and equipped with all the amenities needed to unwind after a long day of diving. With the liveaboard's lounge and sun deck, guests can relax and enjoy the scenic views in style. Onboard we serve delectable cuisine, catering to a variety of tastes, and provide a delightful dining experience. The Fantastic Portugal Dive Liveaboard sets a new standard for wellbeing in the world of liveaboard diving.

**Intimate Group Sizes:**
Unlike other crowded liveaboard experiences, the Fantastic Portugal Dive Liveaboard boasts small group sizes, ensuring an intimate and personalized diving adventure. With a limited number of divers on each trip (maximum eight), guests have more space to explore the underwater wonders without the hassle of overcrowding. This unique aspect allows for a deeper connection with fellow divers and fosters a sense of camaraderie that enhances the overall experience.

**Unbeatable Mood:**
What truly sets this liveaboard apart is its incomparable mood and atmosphere. The professional and passionate crew members go above and beyond to create a warm and welcoming environment for all guests. Their enthusiasm for diving and the Azores' marine life is infectious, adding to the excitement of every dive. The onboard camaraderie and shared love for the ocean create a unique sense of community, making the Fantastic Portugal Dive Liveaboard feel like a floating family of divers.

In conclusion, the Fantastic Portugal Dive Liveaboard in the Azores stands out as one of the best liveaboard in the world for diving enthusiasts, combining unparalleled diving experiences with lavish comfort, intimate group sizes, and an unbeatable mood. This liveaboard offers an exceptional opportunity to create lasting memories and forge new friendships. The Azores await, and the Fantastic Portugal Dive Liveaboard is the gateway to an underwater paradise like no other.

The Boat

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A liveaboard experience in the Azores Archipelago is an exceptional way to explore the wonders of this pristine marine environment. Here's a description of the marvels you can expect from a liveaboard in the Azores: 1. Remote and Pristine Locations: A liveaboard takes you to remote and untouched dive sites in the Azores Archipelago that are often inaccessible from land. These locations offer some of the most breathtaking underwater scenery, where you can witness the untouched beauty of the Azores' marine ecosystem. 2. Diverse Marine Life: The Azores are known for their remarkable biodiversity, and a liveaboard allows you to encounter a wide range of marine species up close. From encounters with playful dolphins and majestic whales to swimming alongside graceful manta rays and curious sharks, the Azores' waters are teeming with life. 3. Underwater Volcanic Landscapes: The Azores' volcanic origins have shaped the underwater landscapes, creating an otherworldly setting. Imagine diving amidst dramatic lava formations, exploring hidden caves and tunnels, and witnessing the unique geological features found nowhere else on Earth. 4. Extended Dive Time: With a liveaboard, you have the advantage of extended dive time. Multiple dives can be conducted each day, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the underwater realm of the Azores. You can spend more time exploring dive sites, uncovering hidden gems, and discovering new underwater wonders. 5. Flexibility and Freedom: Liveaboards provide flexibility in planning your dives and itinerary. Dive sites can be chosen based on weather conditions and wildlife sightings, maximizing your chances of encountering extraordinary marine encounters. You have the freedom to explore diverse dive sites across multiple islands within the Azores Archipelago. 6. Onboard Comfort and Amenities: Liveaboard vessels in the Azores are equipped with comfortable cabins, dining areas, and social spaces, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience during your trip. You can unwind and share your diving experiences with fellow enthusiasts, creating a sense of camaraderie and adventure. 7. Expert Guidance and Knowledge: Liveaboards in the Azores are staffed with experienced dive professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the local marine life and dive sites. They can provide valuable insights, guide you to the best spots, and enhance your understanding of the Azores' unique ecosystem. Embarking on a liveaboard adventure in the Azores Archipelago is a gateway to discovering the awe-inspiring beauty that lies beneath the surface. It offers an immersive and unforgettable experience where you can witness nature's marvels, explore untouched dive sites, and create lifelong memories in one of the world's most remarkable underwater destinations. 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