specialised in Supporting Technical Diving in Portugal and Catering Groups of Technical Divers - Book now your next technical diving experience!

For you, diving is going underwater in ways that others only dream. You´ve taken the next step, and now you don't stop. Going deeper, visiting almost not diveable shipwrecks, or exploring dark caves, is your way of feeling the pleasure, but also the thrill of a dive.

Deep diving, wreck diving or cave diving, Portugal Dive can build an advanced and exclusive dive program hosting those divers that achieved higher maestri diving to sites and spots in Portugal, away from the trivial scuba diving.

Your diving is more demanding, and so is the support Portugal Dive can provide, helping you planning this higher risk dives and supporting its implementation. We are here for all the logistics; transportation for your crew and gear, accommodation, equipment rentals (for open circuit (OC) or closed circuit (CCR) configurations, best mixes (from AIR, Nitrox to Trimix), you name it.

Here, no diving centres. Just your crew, Portugal Dive and Nature in its most raw form.